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"Dandelions From the Palisades" for Palisades Virtuosi ,premiere, June 4, Ridgewood, New Jersey


Bronze Medal on the 44th Telly Awards in NYC for documentary non-broadcasted movie: " Conversations with Jakub Polaczyk" directed by Dennis Woytek.  


Upcoming Concert with concert violinist Margot Zarzycka in Sarasota, Florida, May 21


"Hyszki Pod Wysoka" for Flute piccolo (2011) with animation - perfromance on the Island Wolinn -

MUZ GRODNO,  perfromance  by Renata Guzik, May 16


"Union Square" At the Polskie Radio 2: "Plytomania" May 14

Jakub Polaczyk - Krakowska Gazeta, May 5


Jakub Polaczyk - interview for MEAkultura



Jakub Polaczyk interview for Magazine "Presto"



Premiere of "Tilelés" for Clarinet and Piano,

Cracow International Composers Festival, April 22, Piotr Lato & Wioletta Tkaczyk

Link to the program

Premiere of "Peace SMS" for Soprano and Organs

April 16, St. Stanislaus Martyr RC Church, Manhattan, NYC,

Justyna Giermola&Jakub Polaczyk 

​Colin Clarke  about "Union Square at Dusk":



Geeks Around Globe about the Cd release and documentary movie.




"Union Square at Dusk" Presented by Marin Rosen in the Princeton Radio,

Classical Discoveries, April 12, 2023





"Union Square" presented in the Quebec Radio (in French)

by Michelle Monette, April 2,2023




(composer, new release)



Promotion of the monographic CD and documentary movie by Dennis Woytek,

Polish Slavic Center, Brooklyn,

March9, 2023 Performers: Karolina Mikolajczyk and Ivo Jedynecki


Upcoming monographic CD: Jakub Polaczyk "UNION SQUARE",





Upcoming American Premiere of Chanunpa: Dance of Light"

February 24, Tacoma Wind Band under direction of Gerard Morris,

Seattle, SCI  Region VIII Conference

Withers on the S.E.M Emerging Composers Workshop concert,

Brooklyn, February 15, 2023

"Chodok" for flutes and piano - premiere,

January 21, 2023, Recital with flutist Renata Guzik,

50th Anniverary of the Polish and Slavic Center in Brooklyn, NYC

Mistrzowie i Uczniowie ,

Interview (in Polish) to the Radio Krakow 

Mateusz Borkowski, host




Asian premiere of "Restored Torch" ,

Vietnam Symphonic Orchestra, Hanoi, Vietnam, 

November 12, 2022

Wojciech Czepiel, conductor





American premiere: "Un memorial dans le Vent du Temps. Hommage á O. Messiaen " 

for clarinet, violin, cello and piano  (2022)

November 10, 2022, Bruno Walter Auditorium, Lincoln Center

Mari Lee, Yoonah Kim, Mihai Marcia, Henry Kramer 




"Waya'hoo Winds" New York premiere ,

Polish and Slavic Center, Brooklyn, NYC

November 5, 2022

Marta Plominska and Dawid Mzyk





 "Loon" premiere ,

Polish Consulate in New York, NYC 

November 2, 2022

Cracow Woodwind Quintet


New Music Nextet series, "Waya'hoo Winds" premiere ,

Thomas Beam Recital Hall, Las Vegas, UNLV, 

September 19, 2022

Marta Plominks,a and Dawid Mzyk



Sao Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival, August 13, Sala do Conservatorio, Sao Paulo

An Ancient Book: Alphabet of Orfeo

Cloe Boelter and Leandro Roverso

(sopran and piano) 




Krakow Reminiscences - "Krakow Krukow" in. the Museum in Nowy Sacz,

concert: with Agnieszka Swigut, Anna Wilk, Wioletta Straczek, Piotr Lato

July 30, Nowy Sacz, Poland 
















Upcoming premiere of the orchestral voyage inspired by the Statue of Liberty: " Restored Torch" (2022)

The National Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Aidan McManis,

July 15, Summit, Bulgaria.






Upcoming  world premiere: "Un memorial dans le Vent du Temps. Hommage á O. Messiaen " 

for clarinet, violin, cello and piano  (2022)  

April 30, 2022, Conference: O. Messiaen á Toul,










Upcoming  world premiere: "Yoolcoo-Yulcoo-Yoolcoou "  for flute and harp (2022)  

Duet Afrah & Telfu, April 29,  Center of Culture "Podgórze" Krakow, Poland



Upcoming American premiere: "Union Square at Dusk "  for percussion quartet (2018)  

New Music on the Bayou, Louisiana June 1-4, 2022

1001 Minutes for Ukraine, episode 3: Telegram


"A Fame et Bello"  for mezzosopran and orchestra (2020)  for Ukraine

March 25 , Jazzokultura Radio, Krakow 

"A Fame et Bello"  for mezzosopran and orchestra (2020) -article in Polish about the text at the:

"A Fame et Bello"  for mezzosopran and orchestra (2020) -prayers for Ukraine

March 10, Nasze Radio USA, New York 


"A Fame et Bello"  for mezzosopran and orchestra (2020) on air during the prayers for Ukraine

March 1-8, Radio Niepokalanów, Warsaw 

Viva 21 Century at: WPRB 103.3FM Princeton NJ
"BAden-baDen-badEn" for ensemble (2011) on air
Friday, December 31, 2021


"Ginkyo-ya: Pendula in memoriam K. Penderecki”for String Quartet (2021)

November 19, 2021 , Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in  New York,

performers: Argus Quartet


 "Peregrinations of Light”for Organs solo (2021)

November 7, 2021  St. Kostka Church, Brooklyn

Organs: Gail Archer


 "3 Earth Poems”for Bass and Piano (2020)

November 5, 2021 , Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in  New York,

Performers: Kofi Hayford and Jakub Polaczyk



 "Halny Fantasy”for Clarinet A (2019)

October 29, 2021  Ithaca /NY, Ford Hall, Ithaca College, 8:15 pm

Clarinet: Wojtek Komsta

 „Dance of Light: Chanunpa”for 10 instruments (2021)


piece written for 50th Birthday of Marcel Chyrzynski

October 20, Florian Concert Hall , 5 pm, Krakow:



All-Polish Conference:

"Meeting Clarinet-Flute-Percussion "


(on the 20tieth anniversary of the attacks on WTC)

October 15, 2021 - Academy of Arts, Szczecin/POLAND






"Around the B-E-Es" installation-  Atemporanea Festival

"Around the B-E-Es" installation has been streamed September  16,2021.





AHFE 2021 International Conference:

"Compositional Sonification of Cybersecurity Data in a Baroque Style"


July 25-29, 2021 - Virtual Conference, USA



"A Fame et Bello (in memoriam Johannes Paulus 2) per mezzo-soprano and orchestra,

premiere: July9, 2021, Lviv Organ Hall, Sacrarium KLK Finals


"UNION SQUARE AT DUSK" premiere,  Rome, June 5,2021

"Union Square at Dusk" for 4 percussionists will be  premiere during "CERIMONIALI RITMICI FESTIVAL"


"SE PRECITIPER PLUME" premiere, Krakow June 10,2021

"Se precitiper plume" will be  premiered during ceremony of professor M.Wozna - Stankiewicz at the Musicology UJ,

June 10,2021 by Jan Kalinowski and Natalia Jarzabek.


Dear Friends, for those in NYC metropolitan area on 110AM Polskie Radio, or online: on Thursday, May 13, 2021 3:20pm - 4pm 

will be broadcasted a few pieces of the composer together with live talk. Tune-in!!



Dear Friends, for those in NYC metropolitan area on 103.3FM Princeton NJ, or online: on Wednesday morning, April 21, 2021

from 7:00 till 10:00am for the weekly edition of "Classical Discoveries" will be also broadcasted “Oratio Fatima” piece I composed many years ago

in memory of Pope John Paul 2, but recorded by Coro Volante in 2019.

Program will also include works by Robert Karl and Pawel Szymanski.

JEREMIAH SMS -in memoriam victims of coronavirus 

world premiere by Sarah Lucero(voice) and Jakub Polaczyk(organs), November 15, St.Stanislaus Kostko Church, Brooklyn, NY

- 22 nd International Chopin & Friends Festival in NYC.



"Union Square at Dusk" for 4 percussionists was selected for CERIMONIALI RITMICI 2020, BLOW UP PERCUSSION, ROME, ITALY(2020)

American Prize in Composition 2020 winner

"Ojibbeway" became a winner of the American Prize in Composition 2020 in the instrumental chamber professional division.

"Around the B-E-Es" on the upcoming Atemporanea Festival

"Around the B-E-Es" installation has been programmed for the "2020 Atemporanea Festival" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Due to COVID-19 festival is postponed. The date and details to be announced soon.

Vetus Oppidum premiere in Lviv

June 21, 2020 at the Lviv Philharmonic premiere of Vetus Oppidum for Strings(2019)

Finals of the competition "Musica per archi 2020"

Residency at the New York Art Letters & Numbers

Jakub Polaczyk was selected for Art Letters & Numbers summer residency, due to COVID-19 resiency is postponed.

Drei Deutche Souvenirs premiere in Las Vegas by Red Rock Woodwind Quintet - due to COVID-19 postponed

Spectrum concert with M. Plominska

March 1, 8 pm, 2020 - Spectrum, Brooklyn, concert with flutist Marta Plominska.  In the program works by:

K. Hoover, J. Higdon, E. Brown,V. Coleman, W. Kilar, R. Augustyn, T. Kassern, H.M Gorecki and J. Polaczyk.


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