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..passages evoke a minimalistic approach, though always in the composer's own unique way[...]

always with the purpose of serving the musical idea. Composer particularly pays attention to textures and harmonies as he skillfully and imaginatively blends them into whole.

/The American Prize in Composition/

Helena Michelson

Jakub Polaczyk is internationally recognized outstanding composer and pianist.
Leonardo Balada

Clearly, we are dealing with a talented composer with a vast imagination here...
/Fanfare Magazine 2023/

Jakub Polaczyk's "Oratio Fatima" sets up a lachrymose atmosphere [...] and there are some effective vocal “swooning” gestures.

/Fanfare Magazine 2021/
Colin Clarke

Jakub Polaczyk is musician's musician. He loves music and devotes his life to being a creative composer, pianist and much loved teacher. I have very much enjoyed working with him.

Christine Walevska

..really unique with employment of ideas...

                 Tritan, Eonity


collaborative pianist

 solo pianist

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